AC Filter

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Only genuine Volvo filters meet all the stringent criteria that will prevent damage to a Volvo machine

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Key features

·Specialised filtration media designed by Volvo engineers for Volvo machines.
·  Large filtration media area.
·  Large dust capacity.
·  Special Volvo cab filters are available for asbestos contaminated environments – designed to screen more than 99% of asbestos from the air.

Why use Volvo Cab Filters?
Only genuine Volvo cab filters meet all the stringent criteria that will keep the operator environment safe even in the most dangerous environments.

·  A genuine Volvo cab filter keeps the air cleaner. A Volvo cab is pressurised, meaning all incoming air passes through the filter. If a substandard “will-fit” filter is used, the percentage of contaminants filtered away will be substantially lower, putting the operator at far greater unnecessary risk.

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