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Only genuine Volvo filters meet all the stringent criteria that will prevent damage to a Volvo machine

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1 in stock


·  Optimized filtration level
·  Minimized flow drop
·  Less wear
·  Lower maintenance cost
·  Shorter downtime when replacing
·  Increased productivity components
·  Low environmental impact

Why use Volvo filters?

Only genuine Volvo filters meet the stringent criteria that will prevent damage to your Volvo machine.

·Long service intervals and reduced cost.

No unplanned workshop visits or downtime. Decrease your maintenance cost.

·Maximize the functionally of your Volvo machine.

Test proves that only Genuine Volvo filters can maximize the functionality of your Volvo machine.

·Volvo filters always represent the best business.

By protecting the component from damaging particles, less wear and increased service life, Volvo filters represent the best business for your Volvo machine.

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