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·Specialised filtration media designed by Volvo engineers for Volvo machines.
·  Large filtration media area – up to 18 m².
·  Massive dust capacity – up to 3 kg.
·  99,85 % efficient filtration media.
·Specialised rubber seal.

Why use Volvo Engine Air Filters?
Only genuine Volvo air filters meet all the stringent criteria that will prevent damage to a Volvo machine.

·A genuine Volvo air filter is more efficient

The filtration media is pleated and embossed for maximum efficient filtration area – no less than 99,85 % efficient.

·A genuine Volvo air filter maintains its performance

Impressive dust capacity ensures that each filter maintains performance for its entire service life.

·A genuine Volvo air filter will not leak

Temperature resistant, ageing resistant EPDM rubber is used to bond the filtration media to the filter housing, eliminating the risk of leakage.

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