Engine oil filter

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Only genuine Volvo filters meet all the stringent criteria that will prevent damage to a Volvo machine

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Key features

  Specialised filtration media designed by Volvo engineers for Volvo machines.
  Over 0,6 m² of filtration media area.
  100 % impermeable filter clamp.
  Hot melt glue joint hardened to 230 °C.
  Minimal risk of leakage.
  Cleaning capacity fully maintained until next change.
  Protects engine from damaging particles minimizingbearing wear and increasing service life.

Why use Volvo long-life oil filters?
A Volvo long-life oil filter reduces costs. Long-life filters have a larger filter medium area with a higher dirt absorbency capacity.Their longer service life translates into longer replacement intervals which in turn means reduced maintenance costs.

  Common problem: filtration media inadequate for efficient filtration purposes, increasing the likelihood of engine damage.


  Volvo solution: a specialised filtration media engineered from fine and coarse cellulose fibres to produce the precise filtration capacity required. The filtration media is impregnated with phenolic resinhardened at high temperature to extend service life, pleated and embossed for maximum efficient filtration area.


  Common problem: filter becomes blocked, obstructing the flow of oil and potentially damaging the engine.


  Volvo solution: the filter casing has a built-in safety valve which allows oil to pass if the filter becomes blocked.


  Common problem: leakage at the joint in the filtration media.


  Volvo solution: the joint in the filtration media is made by a specialised metal clamp, eliminating any risk of leakage.


  Common problem: leakage at the joint between the filtration media and the end of the filter casing due to vibration or pressure.


  Volvo solution: an elastic joint made of strong hot melt adhesive hardened to 230 °C which soaks into the filter media, eliminating any risk of leakage

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