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Only genuine Volvo filters meet all the stringent criteria that will prevent damage to a Volvo machine

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5 in stock


Key features

·Specialised filtration media designed by Volvo engineers for Volvo machines.
·  Extra strong filter housing manufacturedfrom 0,7 mm steel sheet.
·  Able to withstand high pressures up to 3 MPa. (30 bar)
·  Rubber seal resistant to fuel, oil, cold and heat.
·  Protects the fuel injection system from potentiallydamaging particles just a few thousandths of amillimetre in size.

Why use Volvo fuel filters?

·Common problem: filtration media inadequate for efficient filtration purposes, increasing the likelihood of damage to the extremely sensitive fuel injector system.


·Volvo solution: a specialised fine-pored filtration media reinforced with synthetic fibres to screen particles just a few thousandths of a millimetre in size at pressures of up to 3 MPa (30 bar)!


·Common problem: poorly fitting spring offers uneven tension, reducing reliability of filter under pressure.


·Volvo solution: a specially designed steel spring which evenly spreads support.


·Common problem: massive and rapid fluctuations in pressure impose extreme demands on the integrity of the filter housing.


·Volvo solution: housing made from 0,7 mm steel sheet with internal corrosion protection.


·Common problem: fuel leaking from filter causes safety hazard.


·Volvo solution: seal made from specialised rubber material which is resistant to fuel and oil, and which will retain its elastic qualities in extreme temperature conditions (both heat and cold).

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